5 Accidential Inventions

Cone Ice-cream : An ice-cream stall at the 1904 World Fair in St.Louis, USA ran out of dishes. The neighbouring stall sold wafer-thin waffles and the stall holder came with the idea of rolling them into a cone and topping them with ice-cream. Thus cone ice-cream was born.


X-Ray : While setting up a cathode ray generator, Wilhem Rontgen noticed a faint fluorescent effect on a chemical coated screen in the room. He had invented X-Rays, which pass through cardboard, wood and paper but not through bones.


Synthetic dye : In 1856, William Perkinkin was attempting to produce synthetic quinine to treat maleria but the experiment produced nothing but purple mess. Perkin spotted an opportunity once and set up a factory to produce the first synthetic dye.


Microwave : A chocolate bar in Percy Spencer’s pocket melted as he stood in the path of radiation from a radar generating mahine in 1945. He put corn kernels in the path of the beams and they popped. He had discovered the principle behind the microwave oven.


Post-it notes : In 1968, Spencer Silver was trying to find a new strong adhesive and came up with a glue that didnt even hold piece of papers firmly. In 1974, co-worker Arthur Fry thought of a use for the non sticky glue and the Post-it note was born



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